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Subject Predicate Object <p>The survey for the year 2021 (and carried out in 2022) is in the 'structure of earnings' format (ESS 2021). The data requested were the following:</p> <p>1- An &quot;establishment questionnaire&quot; on wage policies (type of collective agreement applied etc.) and staff representation (existence of trade union delegates, staff representatives etc.);</p> <p>2- An &quot;employee questionnaire&quot; covering the main components of employee remuneration (gross annual salary, bonuses, etc.), employer contributions (provident fund, etc.), working hours (paid hours, holidays, etc.) and individual information on the employee (type of contract, supervisory position, etc.).</p> <p>The ESS 2021 data, together with the ESS 2022 data, the data from the survey of employees in the state civil service (FPE 2022) and the data from administrative sources, form the file transmitted to Eurostat for the Structure of Earnings Survey 2022 (SES 2022). The SES 2021 data are &quot;aged&quot; by one year to be representative of the vintage requested by Eurostat.</p> <p>In the &quot;Labour Cost&quot; format, the data requested are the following:</p> <p>1- The &quot;establishment questionnaire&quot; concerns labour costs and their main components (social charges, social complements and allowances);</p> <p>2- The &quot;employee questionnaire&quot; covers the main components of remuneration and employer's contributions and working time (remuneration and charges, time worked during the year)</p>