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Subject Predicate Object <p>The sample is selected using a two-stage design, stratified at each stage. First, establishments are drawn and then employees within these establishments. The sampling rate is approximately 3.5% for the establishment level and 0.9% for employees. The stratification used is designed to optimise the accuracy of the main indicator (hourly wages) according to the main breakdowns required by law (by sector of activity, company size, region in particular).<br /> The establishments are selected from the database &lt;&gt; constituted from social declarations (DADS and progressively DSN), crossed with the Sirus register. The sample for year N is drawn from the data at 31/12/N-1.<br /> The establishments surveyed are asked to answer a questionnaire on their establishment and questionnaires on identified employees (from 1 to 24 depending on the case). The sample of employees is differentiated by status (managerial/non-managerial).<br /> The Ecmoss establishment samples are part of the negative co-ordination process between the surveys undertaken at INSEE.</p>