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Subject Predicate Object <p>The main themes addressed are :<br /> - activity: business managers are asked about developments in the sector as a whole, as well as the demand addressed to them, the cash flow situation, the stock level or the factors limiting their activity;<br /> - employment: business managers are asked about recent and upcoming staff numbers in their company. They are also asked about their recruitment difficulties;<br /> - investment: business managers are asked about the development of their recent and future investments, the factors driving their decision to invest and the destination of the latter;<br /> - prices ;<br /> - market prices, the foreign competitive position, acquisitions and transport capacity ;<br /> - the easiness to predict the future development of the business situation.<br /> Most of the survey questions are qualitative and have three modalities. The results are presented in the form of opinion balances, corresponding to the differences between the percentage of &quot;increasing&quot; (+) and the percentage of &quot;decreasing&quot; (-) responses.</p>