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Subject Predicate Object <p>The main subjects are:<br /> - the activity: past and future activity , at a whole level, but also by kind of work and by type of clientele (public, private). The business managers are also surveyed on the general perspectives of the sector;<br /> - the order books: the business managers are surveyed on the order books level in months of work; they also compare the level of their order books with the normal situation;<br /> - the cash flow position, the repayment period by type of clientele;<br /> - the production capacity: the survey concerns the possible obstacles to the increase of the activity, the rate of utilisation of the production capacities;<br /> - the employment: recent and upcoming trends in the staff numbers, in the last three months and expected in the next three months. The business managers are also surveyed on the recruitment problems;<br /> - the investment: some qualitative questions are asked quaterly;<br /> - the expected trend of prices;<br /> - the easiness to predict the future development of the business situation.<br /> Mostly, the questions are qualitative, with three choices. The results are balances of opinion calculated as the difference between the percentage of &lt;&lt; up (+)&gt;&gt; and the percentage of &lt;&lt; down (-)&gt;&gt;.</p>