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Subject Predicate Object <p>The monthly business tendency survey in the building industry is conducted every month. It includes a quarterly component of a few questions asked in January, April, July and October.<br /> The survey questionnaires consists of a common core of monthly questions to which are added, depending on the month, some quarterly questions.<br /> Since the October 2020 campaign, the survey in industry has included a set of quarterly questions on the effects of the sanitary crisis.<br /> Since the April 2021 campaign, a question has been introduced within the framework of the joint harmonised EU programme of business and consumer surveys (BCS) . The business managers are asked to indicate how easy it is to predict the future development of their business situation.<br /> From the October 2021 campaign, the questions on the part the activity that is subcontracted by type of works and the quantitative questions on investments have not been renewed.</p>