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Subject Predicate Object <p>The All employees database is available in several forms depending on the different audiences that use it:<br /> For INSEE staff, the &quot;jobs&quot; and &quot;employees&quot; files are only accessible under authorization (for research work that cannot be satisfied by the standard service offer).<br /> The ministerial statistical services may have access to the All employees database under the conditions laid down in Article 7 bis of the amended Act of 7 June 1951. It is up to them to request prior permanent authorisation from the Statistical Confidentiality Committee.<br /> For researchers, in 2010, INSEE set up a new system for accessing individual official statistics files: the CASD (Centre for Secure Access to Data). Made possible by the recent evolution of the 1951 law on statistical secret, it allows access to individual data according to a highly regulated procedure.<br /> For researchers, there is also a simplified procedure that gives access to the FPR (research and production files). These are national files (&quot;posts&quot; and &quot;employees&quot;) with 1/12th sampling where salaries and employment areas of work and residence are provided.</p>