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Subject Predicate Object <p>The All employees database makes it possible to describe all employees in a given year according to their characteristics and those of the establishments employing them. The database includes 2 files:<br /> - the &quot;Jobs&quot; file in which a line represents an employee in an establishment (for example, if an employee works in two different establishments during the year, two lines will be present in the jobs file). It contains data on the job (wages, working time, etc.) and on the establishment (sector, size, etc.).<br /> - the &quot;Employees&quot; file, in which one line represents an employee. It contains the characteristics of his or her &quot;main job&quot; (highest salary or longest working hours) and the cumulative salaries and hours worked across all the employee's jobs.<br /> For the 2018 validity, only 1% of the private sector data comes from DADS.<br /> The 2018 data set contains, as in previous years, the data for the year N-1 (2017) which have been made comparable with the 2018 data.</p>