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Subject Predicate Object <p>The statistics are published at the French product classification level (CPF) 4-5, Prodfra level and Prodcom level.</p> <p>The CPF level 4-5 corresponds to the CPF4 class of the French product classification (revision 2.1 of 2015) subdivided for consistency with the Nomenclature d'activité Française (NAF) rev.2, for the products of all industry (excluding agri-food industries and sawmills): mining and quarrying (section B), manufacturing industry, excluding agri-food industries and sawmills (section C), electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning (section D) and water, sanitation, waste management and depollution (section E).</p> <p> PRODFRA is the acronym for &quot;PRODuction FRAnçaise&quot;.<br /> The PRODFRA nomenclature is a French nomenclature of products, articulated both on the CPF and on the PRODCOM list. It covers all the sub-categories of the industrial CPF. The headings of the PRODFRA nomenclature are usually coded on ten positions: the first eight positions are the eight positions of the associated PRODCOM code if it exists. The last two are used to refine the nomenclature.</p> <p>The PRODCOM list is a classification of &quot;products&quot; that the European Community member states use to compile their production statistics. It contains around 3,500 products.</p>