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Subject Predicate Object <p>The sampling frame is an address database which is updated with an annual cartographic survey on one-fifth of the territory. Mayotte territory blocks have been divided into 5 rotational groups based on 2012 census counts. These rotational groups are stratified by the geographic clustering of all municipalities and are balanced on the number of dwellings and others sociodemographics variables.</p> <p>The sample is stratified on the size of the address (single dwelling, less than ten dwellings, more than ten dwellings). The sample is balanced on the region. For each region, the sample is balanced, proportionnaly of the number of main residences, on some variables from the sample frame. </p> <p>It is a rotative sampling : one third of the sample is refreshed every year.</p> <p>The sample is uniformely distributed among the 17 reference weeks.</p> <p>The average sampling rate is 1/66.</p>