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Subject Predicate Object <p>The committees that gave INSEE the right and legitimacy to collect its data are:<br /> - The CNIS, which examines each new project, whether it is a survey, a directory or an exploitation of administrative files... These projects are presented by all the institutions that contribute through their work to the construction of official statistics. The discussion focuses in particular on the purpose of the project, its place in the information system and the planned conditions for its dissemination. It should be verified that each operation meets a need of general interest and does not duplicate existing sources of information, in other words, to ensure that it is appropriate. He gives a notice of opportunity.<br /> - The Label Committee within the CNIS ensures that it meets the statistical quality criteria. The latter ensures that the survey meets statistical quality criteria with regard to the collection and sampling method (sampling design, data adjustment method, treatment of non-responses guaranteeing the reliability of the results, etc.), the relevance of the questioning and the adaptation of the dissemination to the stated objectives. It also ensures that the survey does not place an excessive burden on the respondents, that consultation has been carried out with the partners concerned and that the wishes expressed by the CNIS during the opportunity debate have been taken into account. It gives a label of general interest and statistical quality.<br /> In addition, a local committee bringing together representatives of companies and employees issued a local opportunity opinion on this regional survey.</p>