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Subject Predicate Object <p>Before any exploitation, it is useful to assess the quality of the variables through their partial non-response rate and the confidence intervals provided in the quality indicators of the survey.  </p> <p>Variables with high partial non-response rates should be interpreted with caution, since a non-negligible part of their responses has been imputed.   These include the following variables (from 5% to 31% partial non-response, with variables listed by decreasing partial non-response rate) :     </p> <p>EXPDESIGN, EXPDPI, EXPSFTW, EXEXPPCT, RMACX, RSERVX, REMPX, EXPMKT, EXPTRAIN, ROTRX, TURNIN, TURNMAR, EXPMAC, TURNNEW, RRDINX, EXAEXP, RRDEXX, and some variables on the type of cooperation partners for innovation activities.</p>