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Subject Predicate Object <p>The sampling frame is the housing-tax register for Metropolitan France and the annual census survey for DOM.<br /> In Metropolitan, the sampling design consists in a selection of sectors divided in 6 adjacent clusters; a cluster being a set of nearby dwellings of about 20 main residences. The sample is rotational: each cluster is surveyed 6 consecutive quarters, then replaced by a new cluster of the same sector.<br /> The same sample design (cluster / rotational) is used for DOM.</p> <p>For Metropolitan France, the sample is stratified by region. For each region, the sample is balanced, proportionnaly of the number of main residence, on some variables from the sample frame.</p> <p>For DOM, the sampling is stratified (geographic strata) and systematic (with equal inclusion probabilities, within geographic strata).</p> <p>The sample is uniformely distributed among the 13 weeks of the quarter. Each cluster is affected to a reference week.</p> <p>The sample rate is 1/400.</p> <p>The complementary module is asked to the outgoing clusters.</p>