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Subject Predicate Object <p>Each quarter, approximately 3,700 homes in Metropolitan France and 600 in Guadeloupe form part of the sample to be surveyed.</p> <p>These are main residences rented in an unfurnished state, whose main purpose is residential: the accommodation concerned must not have more than 50% of its surface area used for a professional activity.<br /> Sub-let accommodation, leases with purchase options (or rental/purchase schemes) and accommodation occupied on a free basis, are excluded from the field of the survey.<br /> The sample is drawn from the INSEE master sample (derived from the population census).<br /> One fifth of the sample is renewed each quarter: the outgoing sample consists of accommodation surveyed 5 times and accommodation which fell outside the scope of the previous survey.<br /> Each quarter, the outgoing sub-sample is replaced by an incoming sub-sample.</p>