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Subject Predicate Object <p>For the annual INSEE and SSP collection (including preparation): 2 FTE A, 5 FTE B and C. Computer resources: 60 days. The postage budget is approximately 15,000 euros, and the telephone budget is 1,500 euros. The median (rectified) response time is 20&nbsp;minutes.<br />The label committee also ensures that the survey does not place an excessive burden on respondents.<br />In addition, other decisions were made to limit the burden on respondents:<br />- Antipol sample was negatively coordinated with RPS Employers 2016, TIC 2016, EACEI 2015, EMBTP 2016, EMMO 2016, EAP 2015, ESA 2015, TIC TPE 2016 Test, ECMOSS 2016, OFER 2016, PCSE 2017 Test, CVTS5 Test, TPE 2016, REPLY 2017 Test, EnDD 2016.<br />- electronic collection.</p>