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Subject Predicate Object <p>The precision indicators (standard deviation, coefficient of variation, 95% confidence interval) take into account errors due to sampling, total non-response correction, calibration and winsorisation, but not the error related to partial non-response correction.</p> <p>The variables used for the precision calculations on Antipol 2015 are:<br />- TOT_ETUDE ( total amount of studies to protect the environment)<br />- IT (total amount of specific investments)<br />- I2 (total amount of integrated investments)<br />- TOT_INVEST ( Total investments = IT + I2)</p> <p>For quantitative variables in volume, the indicators are as follows:<br />total<br />Coefficient of variation (CV) in percent = 100 * s / total<br />95% confidence interval (CI) =[total +/- 1.96 s].</p> <p>Note: sometimes the lower bound of the confidence interval is negative. This means that the normal approximation used in the confidence interval formula (factor 1.96) is not valid. In this case, the unweighted total observed on the sample was used as the lower bound value, and therefore the confidence interval is no longer centred around the estimator value.</p>