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Subject Predicate Object <p>The survey shows a slight increase in response rate: 86.3% (85.4% in the previous edition on divisions 05 to 35).</p> <p>Before any exploitation, it is also useful to assess the quality of the variables through their partial non-response rate and the confidence intervals provided in the survey quality indicators.</p> <p>Thus, as in the previous edition, the partial non-response rate is particularly high for the variable PART_ENVIR (share of investments to protect the environment) and stands at 18.5%.</p> <p>This variable should therefore be analysed with caution, as a significant proportion of the responses have therefore been imputed.</p> <p>The other variables all have a partial non-response rate of less than 6%.</p> <p>In terms of precision, the main numerical variables have the following coefficients of variation:<br />Total amount of studies to protect the environment (TOT_ETUDE): 3.2%<br />Total amount of specific investments (IT): 2.6%.<br />Amount of integrated environmental protection investments (I2): 6.2%.</p> <p>Accuracy degrades when one focuses on finer diffusion domains. In particular, the following sectors of activity have a coefficient of variation exceeding 20% and should be analysed with caution:</p> <p>(for TOT_ETUDE)<br />Coke extraction and refining<br />Paper and cardboard industry<br />Printing and reproduction of recordings<br />Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products<br />Manufacture of electrical equipment<br />Automotive industry</p> <p>(for TI)<br />Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture; manufacturing<br />Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products<br />Manufacture of electrical equipment<br />Furniture manufacturing</p> <p>(for I2)<br />Coke extraction and refining<br />Chemical industry<br />Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products<br />Manufacture of machinery and equipment n c a<br />Furniture manufacturing<br />Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning generation and distribution</p> <p>For variable I2 also, the 50 to 99 employee bracket is in the same case.</p>