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Subject Predicate Object <p>The Tertiary Activities Rent Index (TARI) consists of a weighted sum of three indices:<br />- the consumer price index for consumption excluding tobacco and rents (IPCL in French) of all households, on mainland and overseas departments;<br />- the "Cost of Construction Index" (CCI, ICC in French);<br />- the level of the gross domestic product in value measured from the quarterly Gross domestic product&nbsp; in value adjusted for seasonal and working days (GDP, PIB in French) published by Insee.<br /><br />The three indices contribute to the calculation of the TARI according to the following weightings: Quarterly tertiary activities rent index(TARI) = 50% mIPCL + 25% mICC + 25% mPIB<br /><br />Each of the indices composing the TARI is calculated as a mean :<br />- over 12 consecutive months for consumer prices, which is a monthly index (mIPCL);<br />- over 4 consecutive quarters for the cost of construction index and Gross domestic product in value, which are quarterly (mICC&nbsp;and mPIB).<br /><br />To calculate these means, the last month (or quarter) taken into consideration corresponds to the last month of the quarter (or to the quarter) for which the TARI is being calculated.<br /><br />Each of the means calculated in this way and the TARI itself are expressed in reference 100 for the first quarter of 2010.</p>