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Subject Predicate Object <p>Each selected company is contacted by an engineer-researcher from Insee. During the interview, products ("series answers") are determined to be both representative of changes in company prices and easily accessible in order to limit, as far as it can, the&nbsp; response burden of the company. The questionnaire is therefore different for each company participating in the survey. The data is then collected monthly by mail or telematics (the sharing between these two means breaks down as 50/50%) via the website dedicated to the collection of answers via the Internet. Information are regularly updated, either through an exchange of information with an engineer-researcher (at least one exchange every five years), or through the company's own statements (deletions and&nbsp;creations of series answers, ancillary data transmissions).<br /><br />Services production price indices are based on approximately&nbsp; 10,000 quarterly prices (sometimes administered annually in the case of some companies) transmitted by over 1 700 enterprises under the obligatory survey " Observation des Prix de l'Industrie et des SErvices" (" Price Observation of Industry and Services"). This survey is part of the statistical surveys utilities annual program reviewed by the CNIS (National Council for Statistical Information) and published by decree at the beginning of the year in the French Official Gazette.</p>