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Subject Predicate Object <p>When it submits its first declaration of the start-up of a non-salaried activity, the enterprise or corporate body is registered in the directory and receives a unique identification number: the SIREN.</p> <p>The appearance of a legal operating unit with no predecessor (except for agriculture, which is not considered in the calculation) is considered to be a newly created enterprise.</p> <p>Since 1st January 2007, the concept of creation adopted by INSEE is based on the implementation of new means of production. It corresponds to the concept defined by EUROSTAT.</p> <p>The business start-up series according to this new concept is recalculated into the "NA" aggregated classification since the year 2000, which serves for the analysis of data over a long period.</p> <p>The business start-up statistics include applications for start-ups as "auto-entrepreneurs" (new, simplified self-employment status), starting from the data relating to January 2009.</p>