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Subject Predicate Object <p>The survey relating to 1,600 building permits is then administered by post in two phases:</p> <p>1) A first phase, which sets out to identify construction operations which effectively conform to the CCI requirements, with a four-pages questionnaire sent to the project owner of the building permit surveyed, two months before the start of the quarter.</p> <p>2) A second phase in which, from the signature of the contracts, the surveyors collect the documents corresponding to these contracts, on the one hand, and a four-page questionnaire concerning the administrative characteristics of the construction operation (price, date, etc.) and its technical characteristics (area, number of levels, etc.) on the other hand.</p> <p>The data are collected from the project manager for conventional individual building permit and from the project owner for building permit of two dwellings and more (individual grouped and collective housing).</p> <p>From the first quarter 2022, The data of the survey on building lot prices (EPTB) replace data from the CCI-NHCP in order to calculate the individual pure sub-indice, while maintening the hedonic method.</p> <p>This survey covers the entire territory and interrogate individuals or households who receive a permission to built a single-family home.</p>