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Subject Predicate Object <p>The turnover indices and associated volume indices are meant to be used by many clients (i.e. users) including Eurostat, the official statistical service (INSEE and the SSM) and the general public (inseenauts, private or public institutions, media).</p> <p>Different types of products are produced by the team on tunover and volume indices:</p> <ul> <li>monthly &lt;&lt; InfosRap &gt;&gt; publications</li> <li>aggregated data files and series available on the on-line database:</li> <li>monthly turnover index files (industry-construction, trade, services), Production Index in Services (IPS), Volume Index of Sales in Trade (IVVC) complying with the EU regulation &lt;&lt; EBS-Regulation &gt;&gt;;</li> <li>specific files responding to user needs (National Accounts, Business Cycle Analysis, Structural Surveys, SSM);</li> <li>microdata files used by INSEE services or customs;</li> <li>metadata: annual quality reports sent to Eurostat and made available on;</li> <li>the five-yearly weights sent to Eurostat.</li> </ul>