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Subject Predicate Object <p>For each annual survey, the large municipalities follow a two-phase sampling plan in the Address Survey Base (ASB) created from the annual data of the Localised buildings register (RIL).</p> <p>First phase of sampling:</p> <p>In metropolitan France, the residential buildings (or addressed entities) were divided into five rotation groups by balanced random draw. The drawing of the sample of buildings from a given ACS mobilises only one of the five rotation groups, by rotation. The constitution of the buildings rotation groups constitutes the first phase of the draw.</p> <p>In the French overseas departments, each large municipality was partitioned into several sets of contiguous buildings known as &lt;&lt; îlots &gt;&gt;. In each municipality, the &lt;&lt; îlots &gt;&gt; were divided into five rotation groups. The constitution of the rotation groups constitutes in this context the first phase of the draw.</p> <p>Second draw phase:</p> <p>Addressed entities belonging to the strata of large buildings, new buildings and tourist establishments (since 2016) are exhaustively enumerated. The buildings belonging to the stratum of known small addresses are selected in such a way as to obtain 40% of the dwellings surveyed in the annual rotation group.</p>