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Subject Predicate Object <p>The sample of institutions was taken from the "National file of health and social establishments (FINESS)" which lists all health and social establishments.<br /><br />In particular, it contains information on authorisation to open such institutions, facilities that are authorised and set up, according to type of institution.<br /><br />It is managed by the Departmental and Regional Offices for Health and Social Affairs (Ddrass).<br /><br />The sample is classified according to type of institution:<br /><br />- accommodation for dependent elderly people (EHPAD);<br />- retirement homes;<br />- long-stay care units (USLD);<br />- establishments for disabled adults;<br />- psychiatric establishments and units;<br />- shelter centres for social reintegration (CHRS).<br /><br />From each of the chosen institutions, a sample of individual residents was selected. The aim was to obtain a sample of about 10,000 residents.</p>