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Subject Predicate Object <p>The precision indicators (standard deviation, coefficient of variation, 95% confidence interval) take into account errors due to sampling, total non-response correction, calibration and winsorisation, but not the error related to partial non-response correction.</p> <p>Variables have been defined for precision calculations on EnDD 2016:<br />The largest geographic market where the company sells goods or services (A1a A1b A1c A1d)<br />B1, have a yes among the questions: B1a_ECO_CLIENT_CCD B1b_ECO_CLIENT_CCS B1c_ECO_CLIENT_CCE<br />C1, have a yes among the questions: C1a_SOC_DISCRI_SEX C1b_SOC_DISCRI_ORI C1c_SOC_DISCRI_SEN C1d_SOC_DISCRI_JEU C1e_SOC_DISCRI_HAN C1f_SOC_DISCRI_ORS <br />C4_2_SOC_GPECMI50 (C4_2)<br />D1h_ENV_IMPACT_TOX as follows: None or very low, Low and High or very high (D1h1 D1h2 D1h3) ;<br />- D2_ENV_CERTIFICATE (D2) <br />D6_ENV_EFFICA (D6) <br />E1_RSE_CONNU (E1)<br />E2_RSE_ACTION (E2)<br />F6_GVN_PPEXTE50 as follows: no, yes and not concerned (F60 F61 F62)</p> <p>These variables were chosen as follows: <br />- the "target" diffusion variables;<br />- supplemented by a few other variables chosen in order to obtain a sample of variables receiving either a high frequency of positive responses, a frequency close to 50%, or low frequencies, and also in order to test both variables concerning the entire scope of the survey or variables asked only of enterprises with 50 or more employees, or variables filtered by the questionnaire.<br />The objective is to give the user a quick idea of the accuracy of the indicators he or she obtains based on the size of the sample or sub-sample on which he or she is working.<br /><br />For the qualitative variables, the indicators are as follows:<br />average (%) = proportion of "yes" in relation to all units (concerned or not)<br />standard deviation (s) = root (variance)<br />95% confidence interval (CI) =[mean +/- 1.96 s].<br />For qualitative variables with more than two modalities, the calculation is done for each mode.</p>