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Subject Predicate Object <p>The scope of the survey conducted by INSEE in 2016 is :<br />Establishments operators located in France (including overseas), with 20 employees or more, whose main activity is industrial (including recovery), excluding commercial crafts and excluding a part&nbsp;of energy industry. In code NAF rev. 2 this corresponds to: 07, 08, 09.9, 38.3 and 10 to 33 (except commercial crafts: 10.13B, 10.71B, 10.71C, 10.71D, manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products : 19.10Z, 19.20Z, enrichment, reprocessing and processing of nuclear fuel : 20.13A, 24.46 Z).<br />From 2013, the scope was restricted to establishments with 20 or more employees in all&nbsp;sectors. Previously establishments with 10 employees at least were interviewed: agrifood industries until 2011 and 2011Z sector&nbsp;until 2012.</p>