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Subject Predicate Object <p>For the annual collection (including preparation): 3.5 FTE A, 10.5 FTE B and C. IT resources: 80 days. The postage budget is approximately 17,000 euros, and the telephone budget 2,400 euros.<br /> The median (rectified) response time is 35 minutes.<br /> The label committee also ensures that the survey does not place an excessive burden on respondents.<br /> In addition, other decisions were made to limit the burden on respondents:</p> <ul> <li>the EACEI sample for &quot;conventional&quot; collection (wave 1) is renewed by half compared to that for EACEI 2014;</li> <li>the part of the EACEI 2015 sample is negatively coordinated with the following surveys: CPSV18130, EMAGSA15, ECEIPE14, PV14_MONO, PV14_MULTI, ANT14, ANT14_3839, EAP14, CIS14, RPS16_TEST, RPS16, TPE15_R, TPE15_C, EDD14, CHALLENGES, TIC16_R, TIC16_C, ESA14_C, ESA14_R, SINE14_AUTO, SINE14₁;</li> <li>collection is done electronically;</li> <li>the sample of the extension collected at the end of the year (second wave) was not intended to be interviewed by a panel and was therefore drawn independently of the numbers of the previous surveys.</li> </ul>