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Subject Predicate Object <p>The precision indicators (standard deviation, coefficient of variation, 95% confidence interval) take into account errors due to sampling, total non-response correction and calibration, but not the error related to partial non-response correction.</p> <p>The variables used for the EACEI 2015 precision calculations are :<br /> BR_QAUP (quantity purchased in electricity)<br /> DR_QAUP (quantity purchased in natural gas)<br /> JR_QAUP (quantity purchased in butane-propane)<br /> LR_QAUP (quantity purchased in heating oil)</p> <p>The indicators are as follows:<br /> estimate of total<br /> coefficient of variation in percentage = 100 * s / total</p> <p>The results of the calculations are in the file &quot;Calculs de précision pour les variables cibles&quot;.</p>