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Subject Predicate Object <p>The aim of CIS 2010 is to understand the mechanisms that explain in which area an enterprise it innovative. It is governed by a&nbsp;European framework and covers active, market and agricultural enterprises with 10 or more employees.</p> <p>The European regulation stipulates that data should be provided according to indicators based on the following 9 main themes:<br />1 - enterprises with innovation activity<br />2 - enterprises that have introduced a new product on the market<br />3 - turnover related to new products on the market<br />4 - turnover related to innovative products but which already existed on the market<br />5 - cooperation with other enterprises for innovation activities<br />6 - innovation expenditure<br />7 - very important effects of innovation<br />8 - very important information sources<br />9 - hampering factors Eurostat drew up a list of tables where information on all these indicators could be entered and a series of additional elements.</p> <p>The regulation stipulates that information should be provided at several sector levels, up to division level (2 digits in NACE), several size classes (10-49, 20-49, 50-249, 250 and more) and regional level for SMEs (defined as enterprises of 10 to 249 employees).</p>