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Subject Predicate Object <p>The survey mainly covers local public or semi-public bodies. The following are excluded from the scope of the survey:<br /><br />1) general or specialised hospitals, regional hospital management agencies, autonomous hospices and retirement homes, consular bodies (surveyed by other statistical departments);<br /><br />2) private local action bodies (OPAL) (which do not have many local civil service staff members);<br /><br />3) local public educational establishments (EPLE): lyc&eacute;es, coll&egrave;ges, etc (so that the scope of the survey fits with the outlines of the local civil service);<br /><br />4) certain (department-level) medical/social establishments, in particular for protected, disabled or non-adapted children, which are part of the hospital administration, whether or not they are autonomous.</p> <p>The survey covers Metropolitan France, the four overseas departments, and the territorial collectivity of Saint Pierre and Miquelon (surveyed since 1989).</p>