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Subject Predicate Object <p>Two questionnaires were implemented depending on whether the association employed or did not employ workers in 2013: the one intended for employing associations is more detailed (5 pages) than the one for non-employing associations (2 pages). All questions for non-employing associations are present in the questionnaire for employing associations. The main topics of the survey are :</p> <p>Human Resources: employees, volunteers, ...;</p> <p>Financial Resources: donations, contributions, sponsorship, public grants ...;</p> <p>Field of activity: cultural, sports, health or social ...;</p> <p>Organization and Intervention radius, ...;</p> <p>The questionnaire for employing associations also contains a section on expenditure: wages and ... another on recent developments in their situation and any difficulties they may have encountered for their activities in the last three years.</p>