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Subject Predicate Object <p>The AES 2016 survey sample was drawn from the INSEE master sample, based on the 2015 annual census survey. To respect the expected scope, only ordinary dwellings constituting a main residence and comprising at least one inhabitant born between 01/10/1951 and 31/03/1999 were drawn. The sample draw is stratified according to two levels of stratification: the first distinguishes in one hand dwellings comprising a single person belonging to the field of the housing survey and in the other hand those comprising at least two; the second distinguishes housing according to whether or not it includes an unemployed person.<br /> Within each sampled dwelling, up to two individuals are randomly selected from each household (in the sense of separated budgets) to respond to the individual questionnaire (kish individuals). Among the people who respect the field in terms of age, the first two whose birthday follows July 1 are selected.</p>