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Subject Predicate Object <p>The other Acemo surveys:</p> <p>These also concern the competitive sector excluding agriculture.</p> <p>- Acemo survey on micro-enterprises: conducted every year on 60,000 enterprises with between 1 and 9 employees, the aim is to complete the quarterly Acemo survey once a year and thus calculate different indicators according to the sector of activity of the enterprise, the socio-professional category of the employees, their gender or age.</p> <p>In particular, it provides the percentage of employees paid the minimum wage (SMIC) in economic activities (measured at the enterprise level);</p> <p>- Acemo survey on negotiation and employee representation: conducted every year on about 15,000 enterprises in Metropolitan France, the aim is to provide major indicators concerning negotiations held in enterprises, their content and the&nbsp;agreements reached, the presence of institutions representing employees from the enterprise and different trade union organisations, the occurrence of collective work stoppages, the reasons for these and the number of individual days not worked in the course of the year;</p> <p>- Acemo survey on shares, profit-sharing and company savings plans (Pipa): conducted every year on about&nbsp;17,000 enterprises of 10 employees or more, this survey provides better knowledge of the behaviour and practices of enterprises&nbsp;in terms of profit-sharing (number of employees covered by agreements, categories of agreement, amounts distributed, existence and composition of a company savings plan, etc.);</p>