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Subject Predicate Object <p>Seniors' section<br />- Common core of householdss<br />- Dependency<br />- Health (including European mini-module and deficiencies)<br />- Use of care and accommodation<br />- Functional limitations<br />- Restrictions on activities<br />- Accessibility<br />- Aids<br />- Technical aids<br />- Accommodation arrangements<br />- Human Aids<br />- Financial help<br />- Income, Allowances and Benefits<br />- Regular Expenditures and Household Constraints<br />Caregivers' section<br />- The caregiver's relationship with the carereceiver,<br />- The human, financial and material help provided by the caregiver,<br />- The consequences of the aid (on health, working life, family life, leisure)<br />- Benefits related to the loss of autonomy that the aided person could not have informed. <br /><br />The institution section includes some general questions about the institution, people of the survey are select based on the lists of each institution.<br />The institution delivers some information on each selected senior&nbsp;: day of arrival, GIR, allowances.</p>