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Subject Predicate Object <p>Units registered in REE-Sirene are legally registered productive and market units, and all associated establishments, conducting real economic activity in the following sectors: manufacturing, construction, trade and market services. Excluded from the demographic data for enterprises and establishments are :<br />&nbsp;&middot; registered units active in agriculture, forestry and fishing (divisions " 01 " to " 03 " classified under NAF r&eacute;v.2, 2008);<br />&nbsp;&middot; registered units whose functioning is supported by non-commercial activity (administrations, local authorities, social organizations and non-commercial associations).<br />The non-agricultural business sector is comprised of all legally registered units:<br />- conducting real economic activity, i.e. market and productive;<br />- whose principal activity is in manufacturing, construction, trade and market services (excluding agriculture).</p>