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Subject Predicate Object <p>Events registered as they occur throughout the year, and compiled in annual files.</p> <p>The civil registrar must fill in a form entitled 'Statistical bulletin of the civil register' every time he adds an act to his register, and in certain cases also when he adds a marginal note to an existing act.<br /><br />Each act bears an identifying number, issued sequentially between January 1st and December 31st of each year. This number is given on the statistical bulletin, ensuring that all bulletins are present.<br /><br />There is a different bulletin for each type of civil event: transcription, marginal note, marriage, recognition, birth, stillborn child, death. There are also various details concerning each type of bulletin.<br /><br />Some bulletins contain questions about information not given in the act or in any file attached to the act: the registrar must then ask the question to the person concerned directly (for example the date and place of marriage of the parents, for a legitimate birth).</p>