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Subject Predicate Object <p>Epure stands for: Extension du Projet URSSAF sur les Revenus et l'Emploi (Extension of the URSSAF Project on income and employment). The Epure system has undergone an overhaul (completion of the "Epure 2" project).<br /><br />The main purposes of these changes are, in particular:<br /><br />- To reduce the delay in making data available and make further improvements to quality by ensuring better integration with other systems associated with the topic of employment, such as Local knowledge of the productive system (Clap), localised employment estimates (Estel) and also the computerised National Enterprise and Establishment Register Database (Sirene register);<br />- To extend the field covered at present by including employees of individual-employers;<br />- To extend the information system to non-employees people based on details of "employers and self-employed workers (ETI)" from&nbsp;URSSAF and "non-employees" from the MSA.</p>