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Subject Predicate Object <p>Since 1993, DADS data has been used in a revamped manner, the principal advantage being that it allows for comprehensive processing of all employees.</p> <p>In 2002, some methodological improvements were introduced.</p> <p>Each DADS form received undergoes a number of processes, including:</p> <p>- enhanced verification of the establishment's sector of activity and location of the employees declared on the DADS form;</p> <p>- codification of the socio-professional category (PCS) and municipality of residence: this is an automatic coding of the profession headings provided 'in clear text' by the computerised coding systems for survey responses (the Sicore application) developed by INSEE. Failures in the automatic coding process (1 in 12 employees on average) are then partly manually processed;</p> <p>- the general coherence of the DADS forms serves to confirm internal coherence (coherence of times, durations, pay figures, terms of employment).</p>