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Subject Predicate Object Base non-salariés Self-employed database <p>L&rsquo;objectif de la base non-salari&eacute;s est d&rsquo;&eacute;tudier annuellement l&rsquo;emploi et les revenus d&rsquo;activit&eacute; des personnes non salari&eacute;es (y compris les micro-entrepreneurs).<br />La base non-salari&eacute;s permet de mesurer des effectifs de non-salari&eacute;s et des niveaux de revenus par secteur d&rsquo;activit&eacute; d&eacute;taill&eacute; selon la Nomenclature d&rsquo;activit&eacute; fran&ccedil;aise (NAF r&eacute;v. 2) et &agrave; un niveau infra-national (la commune d&rsquo;activit&eacute; &eacute;tant connue).</p> <p>The objective of the self-employed database is to study annually the employment and earned incomes of self-employed (including micro-entrepreneurs).<br />The self-employed database enables to measure the number of non-salaried employees and their earned incomes, by sector of activity (according to the French classification of economic activities (NAF rev. 2)) and at a sub-national level (the municipality where the activity is located being known).</p> <p>The self-employed database has been available since 2006.</p> <p>La base non-salari&eacute;s est disponible depuis l&rsquo;ann&eacute;e 2006.</p>